FREE Parisian Hair Bow Class

Learn how to make a hair bow in this beginning sewing class for girls ages 6 & up.

Is Your Daughter Interested in Sewing?

Are you not sure where to start with her? Are you afraid of her using a sewing machine? Would you like to sign her up for lessons, but not sure if she is ready?

This is the perfect machine-sewn project to start with and a great way to see our sewing instruction. Ideal for girls ages 6 to 12 who want to try out sewing. It's the perfect beginning project to make to wear or give as a gift to family and friends.

After you give this simple project a try and see how easy it to follow along then you can move on to our machine sewn projects in our full 6-week "Sweet & Sassy" course.


Learn How to Machine-Sew a Parisian Hair Bow!

In this FREE class your daughter will learn how to make this fabulous "Parisian Hair Bow" that she can be proud to wear! In fact she make enjoy it so much that she will want to make more in a variety of colors to match all her outfits.

In this class she will learn:

  • The Materials Needed
  • How to Make a Pattern
  • How to Trace & Cut
  • How to Pin & Sew
  • How to Handsew

This class will show step-by-step video instruction for everything from making the pattern template, to tracing, cutting, pinning and sewing this project.

A perfect project for a beginner ages 6 & up!


Meet Your Daughter's Sewing Teacher!

Meet Your Instructor

Katrina Marie
Katrina Marie

Hi, I'm Katrina Marie, a designer, instructor and producer here at Katrina Marie Studios. I've had a passion for fashion since I was a little girl, so much that I started sewing when I was only five.

I wanted to learn how to sew so I could make my paper doll designs come to life. Later I went to college for fashion design and then started my own line, Katrina Marie Designs.

After traveling and selling my work as an independent designer for over 15 years I decided to start teaching my skills and the knowledge I had gained through my years of hands-on experience.

Now that I have opened multiple boutiques, sewing studios, and produced my own videos since 2010, I am also teaching ladies how to start their own fashion business, sewing studios, and produce their own videos to teach their skills.

I look forward to helping you on your creative journey and can't wait to see what you create!


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Have Questions? Don't Worry...We Have Answers!

Frequently Asked Questions

What age is this class for?
This class is perfect for girls ages 6 to 14 who are beginners with little to no sewing experience, but really a girl any age can enjoy it!
Do I need a sewing machine?
A sewing machine is recommended for making this project because that is how it will be shown in the step-by-step video.
How much do materials cost?
To make this project you'll need a few things: a scrap of fabric, a barrette, and a piece of ribbon, so materials should be around or less than $5.
When does the class start?
This is a self-paced online class, so you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access?
This class will be added to your account and you will have lifetime access.

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