Chic Hair Accessory MATERIALS (1:11)

First you will need to gather your materials for this project!

Material Needed:
1 - 24” Piece Fold Over Elastic (5/8” wide)
1 - Shabby Flower (to match elastic)
1 - Large Crystal Button (2 holes)

Don’t forget a needle and thread to match your project

You can find all the materials you need for this project on if you don't want to go to the store.

Shabby Chic Flower Trim - you can get this by the piece, the 1/2 yard (which is 6 flowers) or by the yard (which is 12 flowers). The cost is as around .25 cents per flower plus shipping, so it's best to get more than 1 flower.

Fold Over Elastic (FOE) 5/8" - This comes in many colors and patterns and is around .75 cents per yard + shipping. If you buy 5 yards the price is around .30 cents + shipping. So, if you are making lots of headbands you save when you buy more.

Acrylic Rhinestone Button 25mm - There are many kinds of buttons, but the acrylic (plastic) rhinestone ones are the most affordable. They usually are usually around $1 a piece or come in sets of 6 for around $5 + shipping. So they are more expensive than the other supplies needed, but they give your hair accessory the little bit of sparkle it needs.You can use whatever buttons you want though.

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