Chic Hair Accessory INSTRUCTION (5:11)

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1A) Trim Around Flower
- Start by trimming around the edge of your shabby chic flower to clean it up. You don’t want any of the netting showing because that is messy. Be careful not to cut into your flower, you are just trimming it to make it look pretty!

1B) Hand Sew Elastic
- Now grab your elastic. You may want to measure around your head to make sure it’s the right size. Then overlap it about 3/4 inch and stick the needle from the top down and back through from the bottom up.

Tip for Sewing Elastic - You can turn the elastic upside down to see what you are doing if you need to. Make sure your stitch is about a 1/2 inch apart, so you are sewing enough of it and it doesn’t fall apart. Repeat this step 2-3 times.

2) Hand Sew Flower - Now center your flower over the stitching and sew through the flower from the bottom up and back down through the top and elastic two times. Finish by sewing back through to the top to get ready for the next step.

3A) Hand Sew Button -
Place the button right on the needle and pull the thread completely through the first hole. Then sew through the next hole going down through all layers. Sew back up and repeat this 2-3 times to make sure it doesn’t fall off.

3B) Tie Off Thread - Now that your headband is nice and sturdy, it's time to tie it off on the back. Stick the needle through a little piece of elastic and hold it up with your thumb. Wrap the thread around the needle twice and pull to form a knot.

3C) Clip Your Thread
- And finally the last step is to clip the thread. Remember to also clean up your mess! And put your supplies and tools away for safe-keeping until your next sewing class. Nice work Sewing Fashionista!

You are FINISHED!!! Now try it on and show it off to all your friends. Don’t be surprised if they want one too! Next time you invite them over you can have a sewing party and you can show them how to make one for themselves!

It’s Photo Time! Please share your finished project with other students! Have your mom snap a few photos of you wearing your new Chic Hair Accessory! Then come on over to the Sewing Fashionistas facebook group to share your handy work!

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